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Props of Battlestar Galactica May 24, 2006

Posted by karltate in Battlestar Galactica, props.

Then there's Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica… a show that frequently uses "found objects" as props. So everywhere you look, you find familiar Earth artifacts: eyeglasses, fire extinguishers, phones, paperback books, water bottles…

One of the few props specifically designed for the show was the sidearm carried by the pilots. The double-barreled design harks back to Harrison Ford's pistol in "Blade Runner".

These appeared in the BSG miniseries and (slightly modified) in the first season. But more recently they've switched to a boring-looking real-world pistol. Too bad.

Fortunately I have my replicas of the original pistol! Here's a miniseries-version solid resin replica (no moving parts) sculpted by Guardian Matsuo:


And here's a "first season" model, also by Matsuo. This one is built on top of an airsoft pistol! It doesn't fire pellets but you can click the trigger. Love the clicky-clicky!

I also have a couple of other "real world" items that are similar to those used on the show… an old Regens lighter, similar to the family heirloom that Adama gives to his son Apollo (this is a screengrab):


Another found item is the Nixon "Scout" watch… this appeared in at least one episode on Apollo's wrist. I have the black-banded version of this watch; this photo is a screengrab compared to a product shot.

Lee Nixon Scout

Note the beveled-off corners of the watch case… very appropriate, since in the world of "Battlestar Galactica", just about every square object has its corners cut off!



1. James DeGazio - May 21, 2007

Couldn’t possibly buy one from you, could I?

2. BC - April 21, 2008

great firepower

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