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Kirk to Enterprise May 31, 2006

Posted by karltate in props, Star Trek.

OK I admit it… I'm a Trekkie. Hey, I was a Trekkie before it was cool.

I'll let that sink in for a minute…

Anyway, back in the Seventies, there was a lot of Trek crap floating around, but it was just that: crap.

These days, there's a ton more Trek crap, but it's of much, much higher quality.

Master Replicas, for example, has released quite a few Star Trek and Star Wars prop replicas, more accurate and feature-laden than any fan could dream of back in those early days of proto-fandom.

If only we had then what we have now…

(cue up the "hurtling-back-thru-time" music sting…)


Photo illustration by Karl Tate



1. Jeff - July 30, 2006


You are the first person I’ve seen with behind-the-scenes photos of the GORN being built.

I’ve been searching for any photos like this of the TAUREAN NEANDERTHAL creature from the episode GALILEO SEVEN. If you ever run across any pics please post them.

I tracked down the original mask worn by JANOS PROHASKA in THE CAGE, but this particular rare Wah Chang mask no one seems to know what happened to.

Thanks for the great pics,


2. Darren - July 2, 2007


Any luck with the Taurean Neanderthal mask? I’ve been following this (although I see I’m a year behind), but I agree with you.

3. Jeff - November 17, 2007


Yep. Karl was kind enough to show me photos of the original Taurean mask as worn by Buck Maffei. I still don’t know what became of it.

I understand that Wah had a yard sale around the time they finished using it and it may have been in that. I have heard that Janos or John Chambers may have wound up with the mask. I plan on asking an old friend of Janos’ about this when I run into him again. Who knows? It may still be around.

– Jeff

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