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Sssssssssssssss! June 3, 2006

Posted by karltate in props, Star Trek.

Another Classic Star Trek post… this time featuring the Gorn from the episode "Arena"!

"Arena" is a fan favorite because it's got all the classic Trek elements… Enterprise under attack, Kirk forced to fight hand-to-hand with an alien lizard man… and of course that familiar Vasquez Rocks location.

Gorn 19

Gorn 12

Gorn 17

Gorn 05

Here's a rare shot of the Gorn suit when it was being built by prop wizard Wah Chang. Note the blood-red eyes (changed to disco-ball rhinestone-studded eyes before filming), and the ventilation holes down the front (which would be hidden by the creature's Gorn Garment).

Gorn03 Stsketch

Gorn01 Stsketch

An original Gorn foam-rubber mask was auctioned in a Profiles in History auction earlier this year. The mask had been owned by Fred Clarke, publisher of "Cinefantastique" magazine.

Gornpih 04

Gornpih 05

Photo credits: "Star Trek Sketchbook" by Solow, Profiles in History



1. ch18e dahlia - July 4, 2006

STAR TREK fan! 🙂

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