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Robot rule May 27, 2006

Posted by karltate in robots.
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As noted earlier, I'm a big fan of the classic robots! In a preivous post I blogged about the Robbies. Today it's Smoking Man's turn!

Smoker Front

This is a vivid blue replica Smoker I picked up a few months ago. Originally I wasn't sure about the color… but he sure stands out!

My favorite is still the gray or metallic colored Smoker.

These are fun toys as well.. they walk, stop, and the eyes flash. Multicolored light whirls within the textured plastic "hat". And of course smoke pours from the mouth.

Classic Robot design.


Pic of the day May 24, 2006

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Time for another gratuitous photo! This time it’s another favorite of mine: the ray gun.

Here are a couple of Buck Rogers pistols from the 1930s: the XZ-38 Disintegrator (copper plated) and the XZ-31 Rocket Pistol (blued). These are pressed steel pop guns, and very sturdy. Probably inspired by the Mauser and other pistols, these ray guns are classics of design and instantly recognizable by the powder-horn muzzle and tapered rings decorating the barrel.


Photo by Karl Tate

It seems I have this blog… May 23, 2006

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OK here we go! I am starting a new feature on my steaming-fresh blog.. PIC OF THE DAY! In which I post a pic. Every day. Until I get tired of it.

Here comes PIC #1: Something from my Robot collection I should think.


Some Robby the Robot toys. From left:

1) Osaka Tin Toys windup

2) Billiken windup

3) Osaka Tin battery powered (with blaster!)

4) Why, I do believe it’s the famous PLANET ROBOT! Let’s all give it up for Planet Robot. A real crowd pleaser. Reproductions available in the lobby. Thank you.

– k